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J2EE Open Source Toolkit: Building an Enterprise Platform with Open Source Tools

John T. Bell with James T. Lambros and Stanford Ng

Welcome! This is a companion Web site for J2EE Open Source Toolkit. You will find any updates and corrections we may eventually find for the book as well as all of the links, resources, open source communities, and   web sites covered in the book. 

Updates and Corrections

As soon as we find any updates or corrections we will place them here!   If you find something something we need to fix, please e-mail us at: <<jtbell at>>

These  links are organized by chapter.

Chapter 1: Leveraging Open Source Software

Chapter 2: Java Enterprise Architecture

Chapter 3:  Selecting the Right Platform Components

Chapter 4:  Choosing Your Developer Tools

Chapter 5:  Powering the Web Tier with a Server Container

Chapter 6: Creating Dynamic Content Using Template Engines

Chapter 7:  Adding a Web Application Framework

Chapter 8: Managing Data Using JDBC and Databases

Chapter 9: Messaging with JMS

Chapter 10: Implementing an EJB Container

Chapter 11: Providing Web Services

Chapter 12: Adding XML Power Tools

Chapter 15: Deploying and Running Your Application

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